#TB ~ Milan < 2013

Phrenology of a Creative Professional

Phrenology of a Creative Professional is a visual statement.
An interpretation of this pseudoscience, to identify the skills we need to be creative professionals. Discernment, endurance, enhanced irony, passion, dispassion, pragmatism, foolishness, wild imagination, cross curiosity, eye on details, hunger, precision, decisiveness, storytelling, concreteness, sensibility and many more. A balance between opposing forces that can be reached with the most diversified possible experiences.

Bald head: Sergio Terrinoni
Marker & video designer: Filippo Faruffini

Giunti Mostre e Musei | exhibitions' temporary-websites

I was lucky enough to get in touch with the world of artistic events, being able to “play” with the works of great masters.

I report three of a dozen here.

Giunti Mostre e Musei | Stanley Kubrick Photographer

I never thought I’d be lucky enough to work with master Kubrick’s art. But it happened, and it was a huge privilege.

Years later, I met enlightened minds with which I was able to return to Kubrick, dedicating to him the main installation of Interiority Begins.


Promotional clip for public transport stations in Milan.

From luxury

I made a long and fascinating journey into the luxury-vintage goods market, and it was not the first time I designed something premature compared to the time (the early 2000s).

to trucking

I have also had experiences of different durations in the b2b markets: electronics, logistics, transport.

In particular, I like to remember that time when I designed the graphics for a truck rescue vehicle. How to make a child happy.

Mondadori 2009-2011 | "Shout" opening title

This animation was placed as an intro to the booktrailers of the Shout series. A mix of stop-motion technique and motion graphics.

Mondadori 2009-2011 | Booktrailers

I confess, I didn’t even know there were trailers for books.
In my experience (about a dozen), they were animated clips extracted exclusively from the cover with very minimal budgets.

Each time was a pressure test.

Handcrafted wishes - 2011

A funny journey in the stop-motion technique for more cared Wishes.

Akrapovič Italy | First Advertising

I grew up riding a motorcycle, so working for the world’s No.1 exhaust system manufacturer was already something I was really proud of.

And it was a completely virgin land, the first advertisement for the Italian distributor.

For a product copied by everyone, I chose an original illustration.

Akrapovič Italy | Last Advertising

Just as I conceived the first announcement, with my agency at the time we made the last one.

Between the two announcements, a few years of different campaigns. Until the marketing gone global and managed from the headquarters in Slovenia.