INTERIORITY ~ Dubai 2019

Client + need

H&H Studio is an emerging name in the industry that aims to provide a platform to help brands thrive. Through its range of sophisticated products and white glove service, it assists futuristic designers as well as clients in making better decisions regarding designing and selecting products.

To launch the platform, an approach was needed that differed from the usual way of launching.

“INTERIORITY” is a neologism stemming from “INTERIOR” that defines a range of H&H Studio’s contents, initiatives and events.
We called the first event “BEGINS”, focused on the concept of beginning.

Save the date with pinhole - side A

Save the date with pinhole - side B

Creative Strategy

With H&H’s creative and open-minded marketing board we built a concept that engaged the audience of architects, designers and developers by striking their art-addicted souls.

“Since the design industry is overloaded with design, objects, furniture, materials, swimming in an endless stream of communications and events related to the promotion of brands and products, we want to change this perspective.
We will start with the human being behind the ideas and stimulate the emotional and spiritual sides of our interlocutors and guests, which is where the creative process begins.”

We celebrated the beginning of INTERIORITY with 3 main installations dedicated to crucial beginnings related to the history of contemporary art.


THE MONOLITH inspired by Stanley Kubrick

The monolith in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” represents – and even triggers – epic transitions in the history of human evolution. The evolution of man from ape-like beings to civilized people. This is the beginning of the odyssey of mankind.

Our Monolith is white, switched on. It’s not scary, it’s attractive: an elastic surface to touch, and we have special apes too.

“This scene shows the beginning of the Paleolithic Era, and reveals that, by the usage of tools, man could stop being a victim of the world to become an active element, who has the power of action over nature.”

THE WOMB Inspired by Gustave Courbet

What could be a more faithful representation of the origins of this world as we know it, based on the sensory and intellectual representations, than a woman?
She, who holds the secrets of childhood and life, is the origin of our world.

THE RECALL Inspired by Marcel Proust

“La Madelaine de Proust” refers to the notion of involuntary memory. A conception of human memory in which cues encountered in everyday life, like enjoying a petite madeleine with tea, evoke recollections of a last and a beginning without any conscious effort on the part of the individual.

And a basket with real madelaines to taste.

THE LINK Curated by Ikiguy

The live soundtrack moves from the dawn of civilized society up to our days, in a continuous state of flow, accenting the beginning of each relevant music genre. The exponential acceleration between ages and styles will connect the dots, unveiling the link between the origins of music and its continuous evolution.