H&H’S LOOKBOOKS ~ Milan/Dubai 2017 >

Client + need

H&H Studio is an emerging name in the industry that aims to provide a platform which helps brands thrive. Through its range of sophisticated products and white glove service, it assists futuristic designers as well as clients in making better decisions regarding designing and selection of products.

The long term brand strategy for H&H starts with a high-end printed lookbook. The audience loves paper and paper is useful to think, to project and to be inspired. As a must-have for designers and architects, H&H’s Lookbooks are annual, collectible special editions.

The first volumes contain the best part of H&H’s collections and year after year, Lookbooks have become a more refined selection of products for every specific edition.

2020 Edition

This is the first edition based on set photos with a magazine-approach. The H became the grid to collect one, two or four items on a single page.

2018 Edition

HHSTUDIO.COM is the digital version of H&H’s Lookbooks. As a “general” edition, it contains every product distributed. A clean and effective catalogue-site, with essential tools designed for the audience, such as “my lookbook”: a feature that provides a public link to save and share any collection a user wishes to.