DECAGONUM ~ Milan 2014

Client + need

CPA (Chemical Pharmaceutical Generic Association) is an association that brings together some of the most important Italian manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients dedicated to generic drugs and more. As a tribute to the pharmaceutical culture, CPA wanted to celebrate their tenth anniversary with an event open to the public.

Creative Strategy

10 years, 10 islands of narrative. A straight and a tilted pentagon that together evoke two forces in opposition and testify to the eternal duality of the world and of life, giving rise to a decagon: a key element of the exhibition.

“Decàgonum” in its Latin form invokes an inherent historical value. In the exhibition, islands of the narrative were placed around this structure: each side corresponding to a time period with a projection through a monitor.

The viewer is taken on a historical journey from shamanism to pharmacopoeias and is navigated through ancient books while listening to narration and music chosen to stimulate well-being in the body. Each video is 2 minutes on average, with the exhibit lasting less than half an hour.

The event

10 Video stations