LIFE, IS BOLD. ~ Milan 2015 >

Since 2015 I’ve been working on Havas Life Italy / Havas Health & You Italy corporate communication, alongside (in parallel to) their client projects I was involved in.

It was (and It is) a very challenging path, where creative strategy is just one of the necessary skills to manage the communication approach of a creative agency. Finding solutions to satisfy and put together different personalities within a very expert board of directors.

(Here) I share some meaningful steps, which i consider milestones. This is an “open path” because i found in this agency a special affinity to continuously changing, embracing the new, evolving together.

LIFE, is bold.



Pandemic forced us to move in different offices inside the Havas building, that’s why we needed to design something unique and very recognizable. A decoration for the new entrance, the first one of a serie. A very impactful statement, as bold as we are. A celebration of inclusivity.

We started from a necessity and we finished designing over the shape of a corridor using an existent perspective to create an authentic ambient media.

Flat version

Coming next



Corporate podcasting initiative.




The Content & Creative Factory is an initiative focused on contents production, as our reaction to the emerging needs of our clients.

Havas Life Unplugged


“Unplugged” as the MTV acoustic-only format, means a series of interviews about redesigning future in post-pandemic era. The casual approach favours authentic answers from guests.

Havas Life Unplugged



“Lifeline” is a graphic sign introduced to identify the local activity, respecting the existant global brand guidelines. We’ve needed to sign our presentation and our corporate communications with a meaningful element that interact with the images and the text-contents.