A creative concept to engage the audience – architects, designers, developers – leagues away from a promotional approach.


Creative strategy is just one of the necessary skills to manage the communication approach of a creative agency.


Celebrating 10 years with 10 immersive stations, from shamanism to pharmacopoeias: an edutainment-event.


Does it still make sense to print catalogs? Yes, definitively. A long term brand strategy.


Find the new perspective and unveil the messages. An analogic approach for a pharmaceutical event.

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An italian family devoted to excellence in heat exchangers manufacturing. A Brand identity with 100 years of history that is constantly updated.


A creative strategy based on a classical e-commerce language, reversed.


A look back on the past, before the “creative strategy” era.

~ #TB ~
Creative Strategy requires a mix of skills, normally collected in a long history of creative profession. These are mine, in chronological order: graphic design, branding, art direction, digital design UX UI, creative direction, project management, digital strategy.

As a Creative Strategist, I work with Creative Director and Strategic Director, and I cover this two roles when I work directly with the client. As a consultant in Creative Strategy I basically work from Milan and occasionally in other cities.